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We can assist you with the most important and relevant information before buying or leasing land in Bali.


Location is usually one of the first decisions you will make when you start hunting for a land.  Whether for residence or as investment, you will choose the best location that suits your own preferences and needs. It’s a good idea to find out any future plans for the area, like new hotel or shopping precincts. Different factors are to be taken into consideration like exceptional ocean views or rice field views, proximity to the beach, shopping and restaurant areas, schools, hospitals and airport.

Soil Characteristics

Soil tests are very important to construct a building. a “Soil Investigation Analysis” to determine the soil characteristics and to confirm the most suitable design for the foundations and structure. This is of importance in the case of soft soil like in wetlands or rice field areas.

Access Road

A full legal access to the land that joins your land with the main road is actually a public way and not privately owned. Size and condition of the access road is also a very important consideration.

Due Diligence

Performing Due Diligence; Due Diligence is conducted to find out the land zone that allows you to build a villa for example. To build a villa requires a land with tourism or trade and service zone or mixed zone. Due Diligence also ensures that the land is free from confiscation of collateral, mortgages, disputes and other matters that cause the transfer of rights holders. 

Water Supply

We advise you to get the assistance of a building surveyor to ascertain the condition of any well or pumps on the property that you have your eye on.


It is very important to check the existence of the electrical grid in the area and ensure there is  electrical connection with the National Electricity Company (PLN). The price for such connection will depend on the distance to the grid and the required power capacity. 


Check the land condition and the existing surface water runoff drainage options in the area like drainage channel adjoining the road, proximity to surface water run off discharge points like rivers or streams, etc. In the rain season, many areas are subject to flooding due to the combined rapid building development with the lack of proper storm water runoff drainage planning.

Telecommunications / Internet

The national telephone company offers a relatively high speed internet service; a 4G connection via the cell phone network is available; satellite connections are provided by a number of companies. True broadband using fibre optic cables is currently available in some main areas.

To process important documents including  :

  • Company Establishment

  • Building Permit License

  • Legal Consultant

  • Tax Consultant

  • VISA

We also can assist you with other important and relevant information before starting your business.

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